Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s Is Surprisingly Amazing!

Dear LC,

I am in shock that I think this collection is awesome. I'll have to see in in person to really give a good judgment but from the pics it looks pretty amazing! I am so glad that you came to your senses and stopped selling frocks at couture prices and have instead decided to aim your clothing's price points at your fans. Good job whoever designed and marketed the collection. Oh yeah and while I"m thinking people, nice work to whoever wrote your book because I'm pretty sure you're incapable of writing a NYT bestseller. Anyway, love the collection. xox

Ssequin cardigan

elastic band ruffle mini skirt


cascading ruffle cami

elastic band ruffle mini skirt

I love the lace on the bottom of this skirt and I love the little leather mini with it! Love!
motor jacket

lace applique skirt

lace pocket woven top

belted soft trouser capri

Available at Kohl's! Aaaaaamazing! I'm so on it.

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