H&M Introduces Budget-Friendly Natural Skincare Line



We're a little skeptical given what came out about their "organic" clothing line but here's the scoop:

Debuting in stores at the beginning of March, the range of everyday essentials includes shower gel, body scrub, body lotion, hand cream and lip balm, all of which are based on natural and organic ingredients and are certified by Ecocert. The products are available in the fragrance combinations of raspberry and melon or lavender and mint, and are accompanied by make-up and toiletry bags made from organic cotton.

“It felt like a natural step, since we’ve worked with organic cotton garments for a few seasons now. There’s also a strong demand from our customers for organics, and I hope they will be as excited as I am about the new products,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M’s head of design. 

Nature gives us the best ingredients, which is why it makes so much sense to work with organic and natural ingredients in this new range of everyday essentials from H&M. Shower gel contains the juice of organic apples, while organic apple juice and apricot seeds are key ingredients in the body scrub. Organic apple juice and oils from sunflower seeds make up an essential part of the body lotion, while the hand cream has organic apple juice and oils from organic almond seeds. The lip-balm has the key organic ingredients of jojoba and beeswax, and all of the products are scented with natural perfumes derived from essential oils, sold in recyclable packaging. All the products are available at H&M’s affordable prices, while also meeting the requirements of Ecocert. Ecocert is Europe’s biggest certification body for organic and natural cosmetics.


The introduction of skincare products with certified organic ingredients comes at a time when sustainability is even more central to H&M’s work, with a commitment to increase the use of organic cotton by 50% each year until 2013, while projects like H&M’s Garden Collection for Spring 2010 show how organic and sustainable materials can take their place at the very heart of fashion.


Prices range from $4.95 for Shower Gel to $7.95 for Toiletry Bags made from organic cotton.




Shower Gel                   $4.95

Body Lotion                   $4.95

Body Scrub                   $4.95

Hand Cream                  $4.95

Lip Balm                       $4.95

Toiletry Bag                   $7.95

Makeup Bag                  $4.95


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