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This just in: Green is the new black! Right?

Did you know that artificial fragrances are not so good for you? Really?!? Then you haven’t been reading Smartypanties, bitches.

I’m obsessed with the glorious sampler that BuyGreen sent to us to test out for y’all.

Meet the Healthy Home Starter Kit–Free and Clear of Chemicals

The Kit includes:

– Epic All Purpose Cleaner, Glass & Mirror cleaner, Dish Soap and Hand Soap

– A TWIST Euro clothe and sponge – one each

– A TWIST Loofah and Naked sponge – one each

– TWIST bamboo cloth

– Biobag Tall Kitchen bags

– Chico re-useable shopping bag

– 100% organic cotton shopping bag

The Epic cleaning products are biodegradable, cruelty free and contain no dyes or petroleum products. Take that toxic cleaning products! Boo-ya! Did I mention it comes in a recycling bin you can use once you’ve unloaded the goods.

Choose from one of three fragrances: citrus and ginger, free and clear, or lavender fragrance.

This retails for only $55.00. I think it’s a steal just for the non-toxic cleaning products alone but throw in all these sponges and bags and you’re set. Plus, in my profesh opinion the cleaning products work great and I love that they’ve got a fragrance free option.

Visit to see other green and eco-friendly  finds! Stay tuned because we’re hoping to do a product giveaway of this for one lucky reader!!

*I received this product in consideration for this post.

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