Completely Bare Laser Hair Removal Review: The Experience, The Results, The Deets

Laser hair removal seems like the perfect option to remove unwanted body hair. Why? Because it gets rid of it FOREVER! I mean, there are not many other things that when you want to get rid of them you just shave them and wait for them to return, no? I’m a big believer in the elimination once and for all school of thought. That’s why when laser hair removal became somewhat affordable I jumped.

I went to my lady doctor who performed the treatments on my bikini line. Now, I rave about the results but the process hurt like hell. I mean I rarely cry and I almost actually cried because of the pain. I could feel each hair dying. Awful. But when I was done I was happy as a clam. Eww. But you get what I mean. Psyched. Bikini stubble to me is the most repulsive thing a girl can have. It actually makes me stare in bewilderment at how a female can wear a teeny-bikini down to the pool without being, well, prepared. So to me, the elimination of this stubble was monumental.

While I loved the results of my doctor, she is sadly in Cleveland where I’m from so it makes it less feasible to get back for each treatment. I wanted to try someone in NYC but I’d been very wary about using anyone except a doctor.

I was psyched when Completely Bare offered to comp the 6 treatment cycle for me to try out for my readers. If you’re anything like me it’s difficult to cough up a large sum of money to torture yourself for hair removal without at least being assured that you’ll get the results you want, plus make sure you’re in a safe environment.

So I’m here to document my experience at Completely Bare High Tech Spa.

Day 1: I dragged one of my BFFs with me for moral support. We walk in and it’s a very serene and calming environment. I’m called back and meet my esthetician, Heather. She’s super. I was a little nervous about not going to a doctor but she was uber professional and had been with the CB for 6 years (my nerves settled a bit) so I knew she’d know what was up. She asked me several questions about my skin and then got down to business. I was bracing for the pain that I remembered from my Doctor’s office, feeling each hair follicle sizzle to its death. My heart raced as she cleaned the area (underarms). About 30 seconds later and about 7 small zaps later I was confused. Yes it didn’t feel great but on a scale of 1-5 for pain I’d say it was a 2. The machine she used has a newer technology and all I could think about was damn it, damn it! why did I not use them for my bikini line! The pain is far far far less than even getting waxed. I am full of glee at this very moment to be honest.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, well maybe “No Pain No Gain!” So that’s what I’m here for, I’m going to make an entry after each treatment I have to let you know about the reduction in hair. My next appointment is in 4 weeks so I’ll see you all then!

If you have any questions about Completely Bare High Tech Spa that I haven’t answered you can visit their website.  They also do a complimentary consultation. The girls are super nice and will get you all set up.

My Opinion: If you’re waxing and spending upwards of $50/wax you should really make the investment and go Completely Bare forever.

To be continued in 4 weeks!

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