Great Gifts For Your Little Princess…and Your Big One!

These nails are perfect stocking stuffers for little girls ! The New Holiday Party Kits from Pink by Kiss will make any tot feel glam like her mommy. Each kit includes 60 nails that will fit snugly on small fingers. Kits are $7.99 and are available at Rite Aid till January 1st.

Now for the big kids Dashing Diva has similar metallic sets for the holiday season. They’re only $8 but be warned these are not the same as the Kiss nails you glue on that last a week. These are pre-glued. But while they go on super fast they don’t last very long. Still not bad though considering one of those fancy metallic manicures costs like $50! Plus these don’t damage your nails at all like press-ons with real glue.

Visit for more deets. These babes are only avail till Dec 31.

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