Get Whiter Teeth With Drugstore Products! Cheap Alternatives to Get White Teeth! Advice from Celeb Dentist, Catrise Austin

Catrise Austin Celeb Dentist

Hi Dolls,

I don’t know about you guys but whenever I’m at the grocery store/drugstore I always am interested in making my teeth whiter but am so overwhelmed by the insane amount of products that I usually go home empty-handed. We have a guest Blogger, Dentist to the stars Catrise Austin, who is going to give us some advice on how to get a smile like the stars! Without further ado…

Hello Smarty Panties! I’m Dr. Catrise Austin, Dentist to the Stars and author of a new dental consumer book called 5 Steps to the Hollywood A-List Smile: How the stars get that perfect smile and how you can too! You know, there’s nothing like living in New York City, known as the fashion capital of the world, the city that never sleeps, and by far home to some of the greatest restaurants and nightclubs on the planet.  So you’re ready to hit the town, all glammed up with your new outfit, killer shoes and trendy new hair, but don’t forget the ultimate accessory-those pearly whites!

There’s a myth floating around that it takes thousands of dollars to have a beautiful smile.  I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to have a celebrity budget to have a smile that is red carpet ready like today’s A-List stars. You can create a beautiful smile from the comforts of your home and today I’m going to reveal my top 5 recommended grocery store products that will give you a great smile.

  1. Best Toothpaste:  Colgate Total
  2. Best Floss:  Crest Glide or pick up a bag of pre-loaded floss handles (by Oral B, DenTek, GUM)
  3. Best Manual Toothbrush:  Colgate 360
  4. Best Mouthwash:  BreathRx
  5. Best Over The Counter Teeth Whitener:  Crest White Strips Advanced Seal

The most important tip to remember when selecting a dental product is to always look for the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance.  This assures that the product has been tested and safe for your teeth.  Thereafter, choosing a tooth paste and other products becomes just a personal preference of flavor and texture.  With the exception of the Crest White Strips, I recommend using all of these products twice daily-morning and night before bed.  I recommend brushing 2-3 times a day with the soft bristled Colgate 360 to fight bacteria and preserve the enamel on your tooth.  I also tell my clients that flossing is equally as important as brushing and both must be done at home regularly between dental visits.  The Crest Glide dental floss is easy to handle and “glides” easily between the teeth for quick and effective flossing.  Colgate Total toothpaste remains one of the #1 recommended brands by dentists because of its’ anti-cavity formula.  BreathRx mouthwash is my favorite because not only does it have a great flavor, but it is an alcohol free formula which is much better on the tissues of the mouth.  To add a dazzle to your smile, try using Crest White Strips Advanced Seal at home for 1 week and you’ll be surprised with the results of your home smile makeover!

So for less than $100 you can pick up all of the tools you’ll need at your local grocery store to have a great smile.  You can do it yourself at home for a fraction of the cost, but nothing replaces visiting your dental team every six months for your gum evaluation, professional cleaning, and cavity check.  I encourage you to work with your dental team for your total smile needs.  For more great smile tips and your backstage pass to dental resources on how to save money on your dental needs, pick up my new book 5 Steps to the Hollywood A-List Smile: How the stars get that perfect smile and how you can too!

We’d like to thank Dr. Austin and state (a la FTC regs) that we haven’t reviewed or received any of these products but you can bet your little tushes that we’re going to follow her advice.

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