Is BPA Safe? Is it causing Malformed Genitalia, Premature Puberty, Obesity or Diabetes?

Is BPA Safe in Water Bottles Does it Cause Obesity Diabetes Gential Malformation

Y’all know that lately I’ve been on the warpath with plastic.  I spent like $200 buying plastic containers to store food in (I’m bananas. Established, read on.), but it’s harder than you may think. When I try to be good and take food to work I can’t help but use tupperware. The water cooler at work is also plastic (and NOT BPA free- I’m nuts and called the company who of course reassured me that BPA is totes cool to ingest, no worries she told me, yep, verbatim!). But I still have my concerns as it is my job as a Jew to distrust service people…

Check out this New York Times Article discussing the possible dangers of BPA.

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