Best Website and Blog Designer and What NOT to Do If You are NOT a Professional

First of all, let me thank you guys for sticking around through these past few days I haven’t been able to post because my site got a bit messed up.  What happened you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you. I decided, like the idiot that I am to go in and download an FTP application to try to update certain features on my site on my own. In sum, 10 minutes later I had Fatal Errors and no site showing up. Needless to say I was almost in tears because I thought I crashed my entire site. Enter Fab Web Media’s Marsadie, i.e. my hero. She actually called my psycho alter-ego website operator self back on a Saturday night and restored my site and got it back up and running. Everyone I’ve spoken to has talked about crazy web designers and what a horrible experience they had but I have to tell you that she was so f-ing awesome throughout this entire process (which is lengthy!) and I’m NOT easy. I am a particular and picky little girl. She was so professional and cooperative and open to do whatever changes I wanted.

My point? If you need a web designer check her out at Fab Web Media and see all the other pretty sites she did.

And by the way I was given no discount or free anything to write this. I am just that obsessed with her. It was so hard to find her though so I thought I’d try to make some other website owner or blogger’s life a little easier! So, as your fairy godmother I give you Fab Web Media. Poof!

She also runs a fab blog called FrappeLattes! Your welcome!

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