Benefit Cosmetics We Love! Benetint Dual Highlighter and Bronzer Coralista

We’ve loved this brand since we can remember. What’s not to love? The brand was founded by twins! Obvs we’re partial to sister activities! In 1976 the twins created the Whimsical line in a candy-shop-esque store. They don’t think makeup has to be serious to be good and that’s what we love most. Their products are flirty and fun! We’ve loved them since the cheek tint first blushed our cheeks. Did you know though that the product was created because an exotic dancer requested something to make her nipples look pretty and pink? Years later it still flushes my cheeks! ooh la la!! Anyway, some of my fave products are below!!

An oldy but a goody!! $28.00 and it lasts forever!!

I love this stuff. It also gives you a pinch of rosiness without making you look like you’re wearing war-paint, but in powder form. The brush fits snugly inside so you can keep it in your purse in case you meet Mr. Right on your commute (unlikely!)

This is my fave product right now! The highlighter (pink) goes on your cheekbones to brighten and the bronzer goes on the under-side and really gives great contour. I’m obsessed! It’s such a fun glam little product that makes you feel super girly on your way out the door.

*I received the last product to test but the other products were purchased with my own money! Imagine that!*

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