New Moon Saga Twilight Obsessed! Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Get the Look with Twilight Cosmetics

What a dream come true! I just recently (as in this morning) finished New Moon. OMG it’s f-ing unbeleiveable! I got into the Twilight craze a little late I admit but I’m here now! It’s so f-ing teeny-bopper of me I can’t stand it but it’s so great I can’t not be obsessed!

So moments after I put the book down on the subway I read on Beauty Blogging Junkie that Twilight makeup is available for presale online at

I can’t wait to start the next book as soon as I finish my book about how the cosmetics industry is poisoning us all. I do one enjoyment book followed by an educational one.

If I didn’t get my point across, read New Moon. It’s seriously awesome. Such a compelling love story. And who thought a 28 year old lawyer could be into vampires and werewolves, but alas, here we are…

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