SPANX offers Red Carpet Slim-ulus Package to Emmy Nominees Get the Look of the Emmy’s

This year’s Emmy nominees have long been SPANX fans, and to support these leading ladies as they walked the red carpet, Spanx came to the rescue with a “Red Carpet Slim-ulus Package” that boosted the bottom line of all recipients! The package includes the new SPANX fall lineup:

  • Slim Cognito Shape Suit – This all-in-one bodysuit provides high compression slimming ideal for a slim-fitting sheath. Butt pockets give a perky boost to the backside.($98)
  • Undie-tectable Panties – Comfortable enough to wear every day and slimming enough for the red carpet, this panty has a flat waistband and edges to keep everything invisibly smooth. ($32)
  • Sheer Fashion Patterned Sheers – With a comfy control top that slims the tummy, hips and thighs, and eye-catching patterns, these sheer hose are a must-have this season! ($28)

In addition to outfitting the A-listers for the red carpet, SPANX have been the slimming secret on set of several of this year’s Emmy-nominated shows. Here is a quick look at some of the SPANX Emmy info.

  • Samantha Who? nominee Christina Applegate’s stylist Jessica Paster frequently calls in SPANX for her, and she also wears it on the set of her show!
  • Nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy Series (30 Rock) Tina Fey loves the SPANX Bra-llelujah so much that her Date Night costumer gave her some to take home and wear off-set. She also mentioned SPANX on an episode this season!
  • Marcia Gay Harden’s costumer requested SPANX for the 2009 Tony Awards and the Emmy’s.
  • Nominated for Support Actress in Pushing Daisies, Kristen Chenoweth wore SPANX in her new film, You Again, and even revealed her red carpet secret: “Spanx are great!”
  • 30 Rock’s Jane Krakowski mentioned SPANX on Entertainment Tonight, and specifically requested which SPANX be sent to a recent cover shoot!
  • Nominated for Support Actress of SNL, funny lady Amy Poehler loves SPANX! She and her buddy Tina Fey have been quoted on the red carpet saying they base their dress fittings around their SPANX, and when asked by NPR’s Fresh Air host how she got back into shape so fast after her baby, she said, “There’s a lot of Spanx going on!”
  • Ugly Betty’s Vanessa Williams secret to looking svelte? “On the red carpet, I’ve always got my Spanx from under-bust to mid-thigh.” On set, she “wear[s] them all the time just to keep things pulled up and tight, especially when wearing skintight stuff.” Her gorgeous costar Ana Ortiz will be walking her first red carpet after the baby and will be supported by SPANX! She was recently quoted saying that upon her return to the set, she asked “Where are the Spanx? Get me the Spanx!”
  • Our favorite leading man and this year’s Best Actor nominee, Steve Carell has mentioned SPANX on past red carpets of the Academy Awards, Emmy’s, and even the Golden Globes! “I put on my Spanx, and I’m ready to go!”
  • Nominated for Guest Actor on SNL, Justin Timberlake knows how the ladies bring sexy back- when asked by Oprah about SPANX, he quipped, “Oh, I know what SPANX are, girl!”
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