Dashing Diva Nail Polish Fall Colors New York Collection Fashion Week

Here are some of our favorite Fall Nail looks by Dashing Diva!


Designer Abigail wanted half the models in a bright, bold red and half in a deep royal blue to compliment the new Spring 2010 look.  They used Miranda’s Law and Box Seats.

Caroline Seikaly

Totally LOVING this color! Caroline wanted a soft crème grey for nails and toes to compliment her collection.  So, Pattie Yankee from Dashing Diva created Astor Place, a light grey they will debut in Spring 2010.

Rosa Cha

Rosa Cha wanted the models to have uniform, longer nails.  So, Pattie and her nail team first applied Kiss’ Express On press-on nails  before applying a bold, bright coral polish that’s hot for Spring 2010.  The nails popped on the runway!  Feet were just painted.

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