New Carol’s Daughter Store to Open in Atlanta Free Treatments and Coupons! Big Discounts! Celeb Fave of Jada Pinkett

In case you live in the Atlanta area, this weekend Carol’s Daughter is launching its 9th store. It’s opening this weekend and there are tons of festivities and free mini treatments! There are also coupon and discount giveaways. We don’t know where this is but it’s at the Lenox Mall–I’m sure this means way more to our Atlanta chickies! Here are the deets:

  • Saturday August 22nd (12pm – 7pm, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!), a Mobile Beauty Lounge will allow the public to meet Lisa Price and experience Carol’s Daughter mini treatments (hair, nails and massage). Each guest will receive a 10% discount coupon to shop for the products used in their mini-treatment.
  • Sunday August 23rd (12 pm, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!), the public is invited into the Carol’s Daughter store for a chance to shop and for a celebrity signing. (More details to follow.)
  • To learn more about Carol’s Daughter, visit the website!

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