Pitbull…the (apparently) famous Miami rapper…spotted!

So, my boyfriend and I were at a gas station filling up his car.  We were walking out of the little store and my bf, the gentleman that he is, held the door open for this short, bald thuggish looking dude wearing a white tank with a ton of tattoos all over his arms.  (Or as I like to call this look, “any guy you see in Miami”)

Much to my surprise, the dude actually said “THANK YOU” to my bf.  (If you live in the MIA, you know this is a RARE occurrence.)  Obviously, this gentleman was not just any random dude!!!! 

Suddenly, all of these people started freaking spazzing out and taking pictures with said typical looking Miami thug-looking dude.

“Who is that?”  I asked my boyriend, suddenly also noticing the $150K+ Mercedes the thuggish-looking guy was getting into.

“No idea.”  My boyfriend replied.

Some young guy goes to his friend, “Yo, man check it out, it’s PITBULL!”

Invoking the muse of Carrie Bradshaw *I couldn’t help but wonder* who the heck is Pitbull?

Luckily, the bf googled Pitbull on his Blackberry and we were soon inundated with info.

The bf read something about him collaborating with the Backstreet Boys on an upcoming album on some random blog (obviously, since it wasn’t on SmartyPanties, I don’t 100% trust it). 

Who woulda thought?  That thuggish looking character I saw at the gas station collaborating with a ’90s boyband?  I’ll believe it only when I see it!!!

I guess it was a kinda cool celebrity sighting…although can someone answer this question for me: Do people know who “Pitbull” is outside of Miami?? 

I actually did know one of his songs…but, again, I don’t know if I’ve only heard it b/c of where I live.

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