Holy-Guacamole! Morris Organics Avocate Skin Care Boost Collagen with Avocado Oil

Avocados are apparently more than just the perfect garnish to my burritos!

So lately we’ve become part of the natural school of makeup as far as skincare products go (blah blah blah, we know, you’ve heard). In our opinion there is no way that spreading chemicals on your skin is going to keep it from aging. Some dermatologists even think that the more crap you load on your skin, the less your skin will remember to produce the vital oils that keep you looking naturally young on its own. The last thing I want my skin doing is relying on some $200 a tube skin cream that the second I put it down I age 35 years.

Enter Morris Organics. Its products feature avocado oil-one of nature’s most potent age-fighting assets! Did you know that it’s clinically proven to significantly increase the collagen in skin? I didn’t. The line is designed to work with your skin’s own chemistry to reverse early signs of aging. The company is green-meaning, free of artificial fragrances, colors and common irritants. Even their product labels are printed with pigment instead of ink (which we’re told means no bad environmental emissions). Oh yeah, did I mention they’re cruelty free? We met the creator who told us that she’s the only guinea pig used. Stefanie Morris discovered the power of avocado oil while desperately searching for a lotion or cream that would keep her super-sensitive skin moist. The rest is history.

We were lucky enough to be given samples of the Skin Perfecting Body Lotion ($15.95) as well as the Collagen Intensive Eye Repair ($18.00). We were wary (as always) that it may make our skin break, out but alas-my skin has been smoother than ever and actually I’ve seen fewer blemishes than before when I was using my Paraben-filled Neutrogena lotion. I even used the eye-cream as my face lotion for a bit (darn, till it ran out!). It really softened up any dry spots I had.

They also have a 100% organic Body polish filled with Dead Sea salt, honey, and avocado oil ($17.50). This is on my wish list. Followed closely by Avocate Skin Glow ($45.00). We tried this out when we had the pleasure of meeting Stefanie Morris. It’s the premiere product in the line, but weighing in at $45, it’s a steal. It’s made with avocado oil (shock), vitamins A and E and essential oils. The reason it’s more expensive is because it’s infused with Jasmine (which costs $15,000 a gallon). If you’re like me, the thought of slathering oil on your face makes you feel like you’re going to re-visit middle school complete with Oxy Pads and the Clearasil. I was shocked when it quickly absorbed and was not the tiniest bit greasy about 2 minutes later.

Visit MorrisOrganics.com to purchase. Make your skin happy!

*As always Smartypanties received the product samples in order to try them out. However, this in no way taints our opinion about the products. Trust us, there are tons of products we get that you’ll hear a not-so-glowing review or never hear of at all.

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