Brallelujah! Best, Most Comfortable Bra Ever! By Best Lingerie Company, SPANX

So when I attended a SPANX party a couple months ago and was asked to review the BRA-LLELUJAH I was skeptical. For $62, I thought there is no difference between this and any bra I could pick up at Nordstrom’s or even Loehmann’s for that matter, for far less. But hey, I figured let me try it out and see what happens. I got the sample in the mail (yes, one of the perks of blogging! you know, other than talking to myself hoping someone cares what I have to say…) and put it on immediately before I left to go out. Holy, patent-pending genius, Batman! At first I couldn’t really tell how amazing it was, in fact I didn’t feel a thing. I was doing my makeup and getting ready to go out and it hit me, I can’t feel my braaaaaaa! Now maybe I just wear really uncomfortable bras but when I get home and put on comfy clothes, the bra goes!  But with Brallelujah it doesn’t have to! The material is so soft. The straps aren’t adjustable, they adjust themselves. The entire piece is made from a patent-pending material that feels glorious on  your skin and is barely seen through your clothes (even white t-shirts)! Even better? It’s racer-back for all my summer tanks! Better than that? It doesn’t squeeze your back at all, which means NO hideous back-fat bulge or bra straps showing through! The cups provide enough support and lift too! The back also has no metal hooks or tag so it won’t poke through your shirt! My only advice is that you must try this on before you purchase. I wear a B-cup in this and usually wear a C-cup.

Visit to pick one up in nude, black or mocha for $62.00!

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