Trends for Summer 2009: High Wasted Shorts? Chloe’s are insanely priced!

Umm, so seriously? Chloe’s high wasted shorts cost $1,635 so clearly we’re not in any rush to run out and buy them. Off of a person they theoretically seem cute, right? Maybe? But when I picture them in my size, on me, I think like, one bad pair of Mom-shorts that will accentuate my ass and stomach–and I’m by no means a big girl but they just don’t seem like a good idea. They are pictured below…and then of course a pair at Forevs that perhaps some of you could actually afford. 

Chloe, $1,635.00 for $157–not terrible!

Forever 21, $24.00

Disclaimer: I do realize these are NOT as cute as the Chloe version, but comeon they’re 50 times cheaper!


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