Rik-Rak’s pretty WHACK! (Give a dog a bone…)

My friend and I RSVP’d to an event at Rik-Rak, an allegedly high-end salon/spa in Brickell, which was hosted through the increasingly-lame Daily Candy Miami.

This event was supposed to have free cupcakes, champagne, beauty swag and CHEAP MANIS, PEDIS, WAXING, HAIRCUTS, ETC. (Which is UNHEARD OF at nice salons in Miami)

Now, if you’re from Miami, you know Rik-Rak is one of the most poshy posh salons around.

So, my friend and I thought it would be fun to go to what sounded like a pretty cool event!

It started at 6, so my friend got there at 5:45 and got into the insane line of girls to sign us in and sign us up for the $7 manicures. 

I got there at 6:15.   When we got to the front of the line at 6:45, they told us (and RUDELY!) “Oh, we’re out of manicures.”  WTF?!?!  How do you “run out” of manicures?!  Are they suddenly a non-renewable resource??  Did Barack Obama add them to the Endangered Species list?! 

There were no joke about 50 girls behind us and everyone was pretty pissed.

We all RSVP’d and received confirmation.  They knew to expect a certain number of girls.  There was no explanation, just blank stares and unapologetic impatience from some poser behind the counter with a faux-hawk.


No worries though, I def had like 4 of their mini cupcakes before I grabbed a swag bag full of beauty products.  (Which sadly also was disappoining–filled with WATERED DOWN ((how trashy and stingy for a “high end” salon?!) Rik-Rak shampoo and TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINY samples of MEN’S THINNING HAIR PRODUCTS!!!!!!!)

The only way I would ever set foot back into Rik-Rak again would be to pimp slap whoever’s idea this “party” was!

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