Rock & Republic Lip Gloss! My Lip-gloss, is Poppin!

Rock and Republic, the maker of the most perfect ass-hugging jeans eva have done it again. They have now made their way into the cosmetics arena! The packaging is decadent; it’s black and chrome and made very well. You feel very special putting it on because it feels likeĀ  you’re Paris Hilton with some $90 lip gloss. The product names aspire to capture Hollywood Glam with names like “trust fund,” “train wreck” and a shade of red lip gloss called “cougar.” I tried Conspiracy Noir Lip Gloss and it’s awesome. It’s soft though and sheer. I keep it in my desk at work and I’m pretty sure it’s tempting everyone to come makeout with me. Just kiddinggggggggggg. We can only vouche for the lipgloss but it did last a while for lip-gloss.

Available at Nordstrom, Neimans and Saks.

Eyeshadow $28.00
Luxe Lipgloss $ 26.00
Mousse Blush 28.00

And in case you wanna jam a bit about your lip gloss, go ahead. We heart Lil’ Mama!

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