I Never KISS and Tell…KISS PRESS ON NAILS are my Dirty Little Secret

Lucky for you girls I’m gonna KISS and tell. I have no secrets from my readers (which may end up being a curse since now my friends know the true cheapskate I have become–lucky for me it’s the recession so all cheapness is considered responsible spending. Phew)

So as my loyal readers know, I have been trying to do home manicures whenever possible and I’ve become pretty talented too, rarely making any mistakes these days! The only downside to home manis is that I’m not quite at the point yet where I can give myself French manicure, just not there yet. But don’t fret, recessionistas, I found an even better solution to this quandary, KISS Press On Nails.

How many of you just fainted and vowed not to listen to a word I ever type again? Well you wouldn’t be alone. When I was asked to try this product out I had my doubts–big ones. I was like OMG Lee Press on nails are making a comeback? Seriously? I instantaneously pictured me trying them on and having one pop off during a work meeting or something uber embarrassing, which would leave me to be remembered as the ghetto, fake-nail wearing cheeseball.

Well, you know what I tried them on and they are the most amazing gift from heaven! They are nothing like Lee press on nails. Here’s why:

First of all, each package comes with 24 nails to ensure you get the perfect fit. You just go through and pick the 10 that match your nails and set them out and get your little glue applicator ready. You then put a dab of glue on the back of the press-on-nail and cover each of your nails in a thin layer of the (provided) glue. Each nail has a little tab on the end (patented technology) for easy application so you don’t have a hard time holding on. You let the glue dry for about 60 seconds and then you break off each tab and voila, you have a perfect smile-line French-manicure (I mean perfect!) And you can file the nails down just as if they were your own. They are available in different lengths too very short, short and medium.

The best part is that the white tip is fused into the “nail” when it’s created so it won’t peel off or chip! I wore mine for 10 days and they didn’t even sustain so much as a scratch. They recommend taking the nails off after about 7 but in true Recessionista style I left the remover (acetone) at my apt when I was camped out at my BF’s and was too cheap to spend $6 to buy the remover (available at any drugstore) so I didn’t take them off until the 10th day. Mine didn’t chip the slightest bit or even move a milimeter. I got a billion compliments on them too! They looked so feminine and natural. No one guessed for even one second that they were press on nails–which is really the best part. They just all thought I had gorgeous, long, manicured nails.

They are only $6. Here’s the hitch though, you have to buy the remover and that’s the pain. I’m a pretty impatient person and you have to soak your nails to take the nails off for about 10 minutes. It sounds simple enough but you have to rub them off on the brush inside. It’s not the quickest process but I think it was absolutely worth having a perfect chip-free French manicure (even better than any nail salon) for 10 days.

And just FYI–I was so rough on these nails I cooked dinner and cleaned the dishes (by hand) 4 nights during my test-run and they didn’t so much as fade in color or break.

I absolutely loved these! I’m definitely doing these for my spring break trip. Then I won’t have to worry about my manicure chipping and me not having nail polish to fill in the chips. It’ll be worry free bliss!

These nails are available online at www.walgreens.com.and will be available in all major drug stores nationwide starting in May 2009 including Target!

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