There’s A NUVO Liquor in Town- Girl Approved, Pink, Beautiful, Delicious! Perfect for Vday with the Girls!

It’s a Girl!

Please welcome the world’s first sparkling liqueur into my life! “It’s long, pink, and perfect”–Samantha Jones SATC

What’s in it? It’s made from vodka and a small amount of delicate, French sparkling wine and blended with natural fruit nectar to achieve a harmonious balance.

This drink is the must-have accessory for any girls night out (or in)! You can have it by itself, chilled over ice, in a champagne glass or it also makes a great addition to any fun “girly cocktail.” Make yourself a Sparkling Cosmo by adding two parts cold NUVO, or serve with a splash of champagne to add a little kick to your everyday Bellini.

Celeb fans include Brook Shileds, Kim Kardashian and oddly enough Ludacris, T-pain and Fabulous. The manliest way to drink NUVO is from stadium cups or a pimp chalice. Your guess is as good as ours but the rappers mix NUVO with Hennessy or Patron to man the drink up.

What’s it taste like? It’s not as sweet as you think it’d be. In fact it has a bit of a perfumey scent and a lighter taste than you’d expect. And I mean it’s so beautiful sitting all pretty and pink in our glass ! The feel of NUVO is light and airy. Not nearly as fizzy as champagne this is more of a tingle. And while there are fruit nectars infused in the drink I predominantly tasted the raspberry (yum!).

NUVO costs about $20 for a 375 ml bottle.

Visit to purchase or for more information…or for pics of Fabulous’ bday party.

Cheers! Get out and try this in a NUVO Minute!

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