Best Shoes Ever! Cheap, Useful and Adorbs! Never Ruin a Pedicure Again!


This might be the best gift we’ve ever received! We love getting pedicures (well we get lazy in the winter but that’s neither here nor there) but we hate sitting and waiting long enough for them to dry. End result? We always, without fail, smudge at least one nail due to our impatience. Even worse, we refuse to keep the paper towel between our toes when we walk home (we just can’t!). So some genius (cue Alan Stuart)  invented shoes with the little toe separators built right in!

They’re so comfy and come in tons of patterns (Faux Animal Fur, Camouflage and Solid colors). They’re even equipped with foamy cushioning and rubber so you won’t slip. You’ll never experience the walk of shame again from your nail salon!

Visit today!

Prices range from $24.95-$27.95

Perfect gift for a friend with a bottle of nail polish!

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