Lip Lights Ultra Shine Gloss–with built in lights!

You light up my life…

I just found the coolest lip gloss ever! It’s ultra-shiny and creamy but it gets better. It actually lights up so bright that you can see! What does that mean? This gloss has a light built into it! When you twist the cap off, a bright light illuminates so you can see! Wait, it gets better–there is a mirror on the side panel of the bottle! Do you know what this means? All those moments you have a split second to reapply your gloss but you wouldn’t because you’re afraid you’ll miss and look like a clown–now you can apply! Your date runs to the bathroom? Your waiting for your friends who are late again for dinner? Go ahead! Right from the comfort of the bench outside. Ok, I realize we’re not curing cancer here, but it’s pretty cool. This is our latest handbag essential! It also makes a great gift. Very different and adorable! Oops we hope we didn’t spoil someone’s bday gift 🙂 And check this, the batteries will probably outlast your gloss so don’t sweat it, they’re equipped with 48-52 hours of battery life!

And best of all–ModelCo Lip Lights Glosses are tested on Models–not animals!
Available in a Variety of colors for $28 each. 

ModelCo glosses can be purchased from Henri Bendel New York or online at and

And check out Disco Lights–gloss with actual disco lights built in–this isn’t as useful but we think it’s adorable! It’s a party in your purse!!

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