DIY Dry Cleaning

I’m so over paying some random person zillions of dollars to douse my clothes in chemicals.

I invented a smart little trick of my own to clean “dry-clean only” clothes.

Keep in mind: this only works when clothes are simply in need of a refresher.  Do not do this if your clothes are seriously dirty/stained/or stinky because I don’t know how helpful this technique is.  (IE: I still use the dry cleaner when I spill something on silk.)

Here’s what I do:  if I get home from the office and my clothes are a bit wilted, I spray them with AntiMicrobial FeBreeze, toss them in the dryer along with 2 Bounce Dryer Sheets, and turn on the dryer for the lowest setting.  

When the dryer cycle is finished, my clothes smell amazing and feel like I just had them dry-cleaned!

I did it on my boyfriend’s dress shirt after he came home from work one day and even he was amazed.  That’s a stinky, sweaty boy, people!  If my little trick worked for him, it’ll work for you!!!!

Try it the next time your dry-clean only shirt looks a bit rumpled–no need to drop $10 to get it dry-cleaned!!!!

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