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So we know we’ve been going on and on about our holiday weight gain, blah blah blah. In our quest to make ourselves feel skinnier we’ve been trying to find dresses that showcase our figures…but perhaps not ALL of it. We’ve been on a mission for loose fitting clothes that are sexy but it’s harder than it seems y’all! See, most people think you can just roll up into any ol’ store and grab a size XXL and throw it on and you’ll feel your body is hidden under all that excess material–but that’s not the case! Finding a “forgiving” dress is nearly impossible! The key is that you have to find quality material that’s cut just right! Well, search no further–I’ve found the answer!

Going on a weekend getaway to sunny Florida? Catch Vered Dress by Sweetees–You’ll feel so Angelina Jolie in this dress it’s ridiculous! The dress is made so well. The material is stretchy but thick and it almost has a bounce to it. It’s awesome. I’m on the taller side but I think this would be flattering on anyone.

This dress looks absolutely amazing on. I don’t know what it is about this fabric but it hits you in all the right places. And the top of it is so sexy too. How perfect would this be for a 1st date type engagement. Sexy yet not slutty…

I’m telling you, this brand will do wonders for any figure. And to be honest, even when I’m not feeling so self-conscious about overindulging, their line is just super comfy. Sweetees’ designs are always creative and stylish. Don’t believe me? (Bitches.) Ask Hayden, Paris, Kelly Ripa and Eva Longoria-Parker who have been photographed all over town in this killer brand!

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