I’m Bringing Sassybax- Great New Lingerie Company

Hey Now! I found something that’s bringing sexy back after this holiday season…the non-girdle-girdle! I don’t know about y’all but I went to town this holiday season on anything I could get my hands on! Cupcakes, Salt-n-vinegar chips, pad Thai, movie theater popcorn–the usual suspects! Smartypanties had lots to celebrate this year! I graduated law school, passed the bar, got a new job and have a wonderful boyfriend (omg please don’t kill us we realize how annoying we sound). Anyway, to celebrate I treated myself to just about anything I could think of. There was always some excuse. But that’s neither here nor there, sorry to regale you with our gluttony. Point is I found a solution that will work for me in the meantime until I can get rid of my food-baby–Sassybax Slimming Slip and Long Leg Panty. Oy, we know we sound like a grandma but they’re amazing!

Long Leg Panty

These bad boys have tons of different built-in knit support systems to lift and separate your rump, while they trim the hips, thighs and tummy … all without unsightly seams(i.e. backfat and lovehandles). The best thing about these is that the waist band does not pinch or roll down. Every time I moved I felt like I had to yank those up again. Sassybax though stayed in place! And guess what- even though these are $55, you can wear them all the time. These seriously make you look smooth and help suck you in so you can comfortably fit into whatever you’re wearing (sans girdle lines showing- nothing is less sexy than that!)

The Thinning Slip

This thing doesn’t ride up either and it made me look flubber-free under my bandage dress which is about the tightest item I own. I wore this all night and it really never rode up. There was no tug of war trying to keep this in place. She stayed put all night long! It also has a built in bra so I didn’t have to have 6 straps showing. It smoothes unwanted back-fat. Uch I can’t believe I’m writing all this, I’m making myself less attractive to men as I type…see that devotion ladies!! Pick one up today for your next formal occasion. Sassybax Thinning Slip $78.

They also have tons of great items. Visit them at Sassybax.com

This is something I would spend more money on and have it forever. This makes you look flawless in whatever you wear. I mean, what’s the cost of looking hot even after the holiday weight gain? Smartypanties thinks these are priceless…

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