Bare Minerals Eye Makeup Remover- Great for on the go-girls and after-work plans!

If you’re like me you apply your eyeliner/mascara duo in the rush to get to work on time and by the time you get to your first bathroom break and take a look inthe mirror you realize that your eyeliner is down to your cheeks and your co-workers have just been too polite to say anything. I often find myself rubbing my poor little peepers to wipe the makeup away but I know that my eyes are gonna be hella-angry when they realize I gave myself unnecessary wrinkles by pulling this super-sensitive skin.

This product rocks! It comes with 24 individual cotton swabs filled with makeup remover to ensure perfect removal every time! Even better it contains soothing ingredients like Aloe and Vitamin E. It works great and trust me, your eyes will thank you for this later!

I only have Eyes for Bare Minerals On the Spot makeup remover

Only $5 for 24 at Sephora!

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