Today while experiencing a lovely NYC afternoon, complete with 2 inches of ice and non-rubber soled shoes I was walking (slipping) around with my BFF in from France and his friend on the Upper West side after brunch. We got cookies from Levain bakery (best cookies ever–to be discussed later) and were faced with the question of where we could sit and eat these tasty morsels since the bakery has 2 stools faced by a webcam that broadcasts to online viewers; needless to say, we wanted to binge in private. We decided on Starbucks (sigh) to get some tea and eat our cookies. We were trying to figure out where the closest one was when a tiny little old woman interrupted our guessing game of where the closest Starbucks was. “I live in the neighborhood can I help you?” she questioned? To which I responded, “Yeah actually, where is the closest Starbucks?”

“Star-BOX? Can you spell it for me? Starbocks? I’ve never heard of it.”

How is that possible? Not only did we not believe she lived in the neighborhood, we aren’t sure she is even a resident of this galaxy. Who hasn’t heard of Starbucks? Hmm, it’s just some tiny chain started in Seattle lady. There are only like a billion of them.

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