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What did you do this Friday night? Whatever it was I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as good as mine. Maybe you went to a new restaurant opening, maybe you went to a new club? My friend and I decided to grab Thai at Lime Leaf on the Upper West Side before heading out to see Four Christmases. Dinner was delish. Pad Thai (which is my fave food so I’m partial). It’s not the best pad thai in the city and it isn’t the cheapest either. But it is the closest to the movie theater so in we went. We were so excited to see eachother (living in NYC you can go for 6 weeks without seeing your best friends easily) that we didn’t think it was weird to get dinner at 7:00. It seemed like a genius idea until you factor in that the movie wasn’t until 1040. Finishing dinner at 830 left us with some serious time to kill.

We ended up wandering into Jacques Torres for some hot chocolate. I mean they talked about it on Gossip Girl so we had to try it. Boy was that Gossip Girl right. It’s the creamiest, thickest, choclatiest piece of heaven. It’s only available in whole milk (fine twist my arm) but they have a ton of flavors. Orange, Caramel, Peanut butter, and even WICKED! This variety has chlli pepers in it and it has a little spice to it! It is so f-ing fabulous we went back every single day this weekend!

The rest of the night was somewhat of a letdown after that perfection. The only thing that wasn’t perfect was the service. The second we walked in the door the snippy cashier warned us that we only had very limited time and they were closing soon. We enjoyed the surroundings until closing time and as he was shooing us out we decided to ask him 20 questions and watch him try to answer politely but not so secretly want to kill us. “Do you like working here? Tell us about it? Do you like the wicked hot chocolate? How about the classic? It continued until he put his hands on our backs and actually moved us along.

With almost 2 hours left to kill we got our toesies done at Pinky Nail Salon on Broadway. The chairs are comfy it seemed pretty clean.  It was strangely quiet in there but they did a good enough job on my toes for the average price of $32. It wasn’t a bargain but we were just happy to have somewhere to drink our cocoa until the movie. The place was nothing special and we’re not rushing back anytime soon.

Anyway, Jacques Torres is definitely a NY staple. There is also a location downtown on Hudson street and in Dumbo Brooklyn (which we can’t lie we’ve never been to). This warms you up and truthfully it’s so rich you could definitely split it with a friend and cut the price in half. It’s $3.25 but it’s something you don’t have everyday. The cookies look amazing too but with Levain bakery around the corner for a cookie 4x the size and fresh baked out of the oven, we had to pass.

Off to the gym we go tomorrow after a joyful 2 week hiatus…

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