Subway Fare Increase in Manhattan is NOT FARE!!

So Un-Fare!

If you live in Manhattan you’re pretty much stuck riding this repulsive, rat-ridden, rollercoaster if you don’t want to go broke paying cabbies that take you the long way during rush hour traffic. So what am I complaining about? I did move here fully knowing about the subway and it’s filth? Well, I just don’t understand what the hell the MTA is possibly doing with their money! Do they have a secret drug habit? Gambling? They just announced a 1.2 billion dollar budget gap! How the hell is this possible? Every rider is paying $2 bucks to get on each way they take it (unless unlimited fares). How are they not kicking a profit! Can someone clue me in? They certainly aren’t putting money into their product? I mean the trains are not exactly new? I never see service-people cleaning them? So what the? The MTA has announced plans to hike fares and tolls by 23% in June 2009. That would make one-way tickets $2.50 and Monthly passes now $100! Don’t throw yourselves on the tracks yet, officials hope the Legislature will step in with money but it looks dark ahead. MTA will likely pass proposed cuts leading me to spend my money on my least fave activity, riding the subway. There is hope, they may just end up cutting more trains so they’re just a tad more crowded in the mornings…no biggie right? I usually complain about having too much space during rush hour…

Nothing like the human touch…the MTA will just have to change their tickets and they’ll be set…

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